Our Classroom

Our Classrooms

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We cater to ages infant to 12 years old. We work to provide a nurturing environment and daily activities that help develop children's' self-concept and emotions, social, language & literacy, physical & cognitive development.

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We provide a nurturing environment for our Infants & Toddlers full of music, reading, gross motor and fine motor play. We realize that families are at the core of this age groups learning and development.

We foster an environment hat helps them emotionally develop and provide individualized teaching and plenty of play time to practice new skills. Most of all we provide a-lot of TLC ensuring the children feel safe and loved.


We strive to provide daily activities where Toddling 2's are exposed to several nursery rhymes, poems, finger plays and songs. We help them identify their own names and names of family members, we teach them signs for basic words, numbers 1-10, colors and shapes.

We introduce them to various animals and objects while increasing their fine and gross motor skills. We help them with basic manners and potty training.

PRE-K 3's & 4's

We offer an excellent Pre-K 4 program. where we foster an environment where 3's and 4's identify all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and can understand them phonetically. We work to help them trace numbers with their fingers identify and sort shapes and colors, create patterns, say and write their names.

We help them identify daily weather, the themes of several books increase fine and gross motor skills and demonstrate respect and obedience. ​


We work to partner with parents as part of our after school program. We provide an environment where students can complete homework with the assistance of a teacher. Students can also participate in outside time and free play to help wind them down after a long day at school.

We provide snacks to curb their big appetites until parents arrive and activities to enhance their K-12 education. ​